Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home for Mother's Day

Since I love my mother (and the rest of my family) and I am getting married in 3 weeks, I thought that it would be appropriate to go home for one last visit before the big day. I took Friday off of school and headed home. It was so fun to be with my family. I really do love them a lot. (Alona had already made other plans, so she wasn't able to come with me...but don't worry, I live with we're spending lots of time together!)

This picture was taken after church on Mother's Day. We spent the week playing the Wii Fit (which my dad also got for her. We returned one. At least we know she wanted it!) and talking, going to movies and catching up on Survivor. It is amazing what a weekend away can do for one's stress level! Thanks mom and dad for being the best parents and friends a girl could ask for.

As it turns out, Adam's brother, Jared lives in Marble Falls, Texas. It is only about 4 miles off the road we travel on to get home. Every time I drive home I feel like I need to turn there. I usually keep on the right path, but this time Adam was talking to me on the phone and I accidentally took the turn. I ended up in Marble Falls. What a lucky mistake! I didn't stop on the way there, but on my way back to Houston I stopped in and chatted with Jared and his roommate, Nate. They were so fun to talk to! They both work as linemen and have some crazy stories from their storm work. I made them pose for some pictures. I thought that I would try to foster good in-law relations and not post the "cleft lip" pictures...but I might be willing to send them to anyone who is interested...for the right price that is!

I am glad I got to stop by. It was a good end to a good weekend. Thanks to the Warr's for helping me feel so welcomed into their family. ( don't need to be jealous...well, maybe only slightly jealous...)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Relief Society and Easter

On Easter Sunday the Relief Society Presidency (L to R: Me, Kim, and Karla) showed up and we were all matching in our lovely Easter attire. We were quite excited about it and decided to stay after church for a mini photo shoot!

We had to get a picture with Alona too since she fit in so nicely. We were sad that Mauren was gone, but I am sure she matched us as well!

Last Friday the me and the girls decided to go out for dinner and celebrate our last days together as a presidency. We had noticed earlier in the week that we all had matching necklaces, so we decided to sport them that day. We are weird, but we enjoy life!

We got released from the Relief Society Presidency on Sunday. It was a bitter sweet day. I realized how much I have loved serving in this calling. It has helped me to grow in so many ways. I have come to appreciate the church even more after seeing the way it is set up to take care of it's members. I am grateful for the opportunity that I've had to focus on individuals. Serving really is the best way for us to be happy ourselves.

Mauren got called to be one of the new presidents. She asked Alona to be one of her counselors. They will be great and I know they will appreciate the experience too. I hope I can keep living my life in a way that I remember to take time for others!

PFE Bridal Shower

Cinco de Mayo was my first bridal shower! My wonderful Kindergarten team threw me a great party. Above is the cake that they had made. The picture is even edible! I was going to save the picture part of the cake, but then thought..."What am I going to do with an edible picture of myself?" Eating it was the only thing that came to mind, and we all know I should not be eating whole "pictures" of cake by myself! It was beautiful, none the less!

The ladies wouldn't let me into the library until it was all set up. They sent Maddie and Lauren to my room to get me. They all put so much work into making it wonderful!

Robbin really wants to get married again (still to Scott) just so she can get lots of presents. She was a little coveteous of all my gifts! Especially these pretty green ones.

Here are my favorite Pine Forest people (minus Alona!)... (From left to right: Lila, Kelly, Robbin, Me, Candice, and Carrie.) I have worked at Pine Forest for 5 1/2 years. These women have become some of my very best friends.

I brought the picture frame that Adam gave me when he proposed. We had it set up on the refreshment table. It was a big hit. Everyone loved looking at all of the pictures. I think some people were a little shocked by some of the pictures...we tend to be silly people!

Robbin and Kelly were in charge of the soda. Alona and I got in line to get something to drink and they asked Alona if she wanted Sprite or Coke. She said Sprite. Robbin kind of gasped and got a worried look on her face and turned to me and said "Are you guys allowed to drink Sprite?" I assured her that we were. Alona got mad at Robbin for thinking that she would take something that she wasn't supposed to. It was really funny!

We can't pass up a sister picture opportunity!

Carrie and Lila were fantastic cake servers!

After everyone had their food, the fun least for me. I got to open all of the presents. I got a little spoiled. I am not really sure why men don't have groom showers. What could be better than eating food and opening presents?!

The first grade team got me this wall hanging. It is so cute. Janelle picked it out. She chose that one because Alona and I introduced her to Pandora and she loves our music...and since this had music lyrics on it, she got it. I love it!

Here are my two principals. Nancy, on the left, left this year to open a new school and TJ took her spot. Luckily we were all wearing green...even with lime green shoes!

What a fun day. Thanks to everyone who made this day great. I really do feel so loved and blessed to have gotten to work with such great people.