Monday, March 28, 2011

The Last Month and a Half

So...I have been severely reprimanded for not being better at updating my blog. Life is busy, you know!! I've started making lists of things to accomplish during the week, and I failed to add blogging to the list. I haven't even thought about it! I am repenting. Here are a few snippits of the last month and a half!

My friend and ex-coworker, Linda, invited me and Evie to lunch one day last month. We had a nice little walk to Wheatberries and a pleasant lunch with Linda! I sure miss working with her, but wouldn't trade this time with Evie for anything!

Our friend Bum (from Adam's business program) and his wife invited us over for brunch one day. We LOVED that him and his son had matching outfits. A famous Korean actor has the same one!

Bum had this swing that his little baby doesn't like. Evie loved it (even though it doesn't look like it in this picture!), so we bought it from them. They were going to sell it to us for $5. Adam talked them up to $10. That's my bargainer!

This is our romantic Valentine's dinner of heart shaped pancakes!

February in Moscow...beautiful, but old!

My friend and ex-coworker from Pine Forest, Carrie, made this adorable bonnet for Evie! I think it's still a little too big!
I couldn't resist taking these pictures!! She was so cute that day! (She is every day!!)

We were all dressed up because we got invited to our first formal tea with Linda (see above picture). It was a lot of fun!

Moscow in March...getting less beautiful and really old!

Here is Evie after a walk. Going on walks knocks her out! She slept like this for at least an hour.

I realized that I didn't have any pictures that showed the full length of Evie's blessing dress. I dressed her up and shot away! She loved it...and I love the dress.

Here is another shot of this amazing dress.

Evie and her daddy. I love these two together. They sure love each other.

We went to my parents house for Spring Break. We really didn't do anything besides play with Evie and play cards. We played a lot of cards. We had to make up for losing our Rook buddies. I still think Evie looks like my dad!

Phew...I think I'm caught up. I'll try to be better! She's growin' up really fast.