Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yesterday was the day we've been waiting for for 3 1/2 years (It was 3 1/2 because he got his MBA at the same time)... ADAM GRADUATED FROM LAW SCHOOL!
I'm so excited for him!

Adam was getting ready to leave and he got a couple pictures with Evie. She did not like having the cap on!

My parents came over for Graduation. The ceremony was held at the Kibbie Dome.

Adam's parents were there too, of course. We're so grateful for supportive parents!

Here Adam is getting Hooded! My zoom isn't very good, but they had it on the big screen!

Getting his diploma!

The newest graduate of University of Idaho - School of Law!

I guess we all kind of graduated!

We're off to the next adventure in life...after Adam finishes finals (they do graduation before they're finished with finals...weird)! I'm excited to see what life holds for us. We'll take any prayers that Adam gets a job soon! I've decided not to worry about being jobless until Adam is done with the Bar!

Congratulations, Adam! I'm so proud of you and love you more than you know!

Update for the last few months!

It's been a little while since I have updated our blog. I have pictures of Evie from the last few month. I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

Our latest and most exciting Evie news is that she is walking. At about 10.5 months she took her first steps. For the next couple of weeks it was 2 or 3 steps here and there. She got up to about 10 at Thanksgiving. She turned 11 months on 11/29 and decided she could do it. She only crawls every now and then, but loves her new found freedom in walking. She doesn't have to carry her toys in her mouth anymore!

Evie also loves to dance!! Whenever music comes on she starts dancing away! I love it!

The other night was the "Light up the Night" Parade in Moscow. We went down and watched. It's kinda nice having kids at paraded because you get lots of candy!

Adam's parents put in a doggy door not to long ago. Evie found it pretty fast when we were there. She had fun going in and out!

It was pretty cold outside. She didn't like staying out long!

Evie has discovered that she can open the wipes container and pull out wipes to her hearts content. This is where I found her the other day! Needless to say....the wipes have found a new home..high up on a shelf!

We went to my parents house back in October. They found this rocking horse at a garage sale. Evie really liked it. She got a pretty bad cold while we were there and she liked to just lay on the horse and relax.

Under the sink has also been a new discovery in the last few months. She likes to bang on the pipes and pull everything out. We think she might have a career in plumbing!

When Evie is done with her bottle she like to pull it out of her mouth and squeeze the nipple. This is the usual result!

We think that she really is a little monkey. She loves obstacles. She often crawls under the chair and then can't figure out how to get out. She's getting much better at that now!

She discovered Adam's licorice stash. Look at that smug little face!

For a while Evie would do this big scrunchy smile. I loved it!

Sudsy beard!! We think she looks a lot like Uncle Jerry in this picture.

I just liked this picture with her fake little smile and pose!! I sure do love that little girl! I can't believe she'll be a year old in just a couple of weeks!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Family Pictures

I was really wanting to take some family pictures in the wheat fields again this year...but I procrastinated. Ahh...oh well! We went to the Administration building instead! I think they turned out real nice! My friend, Sarah, took these for us! Thanks Sarah!

I am so very thankful for my little family. I love them more than anything. I really couldn't be happier!

Halloween 2011

Halloween has come and gone and I'm way behind on my blogging! We had a fun Halloween. On the days leading up to Halloween we were sure to watch two of Adam's favorite Halloween movies: Monster House and Hocus Pocus!

We decided to carve some pumpkins...we were going to carve them when Evie was awake, but thought again and decided to take pictures with her and the pumpkins, put her to bed, then carve the pumpkins in peace (and safety!).

My mom got Evie this cute little shirt!

She's starting to like the camera! She usually just stares blankly at it, but we're starting to get some personality!

Ah...there's my happy girl...with all of her teeth showing!

Here are the pumpkins we carved. We went for the Pac-Man theme. Adam thought that Pac-Man needed a fang!

On Halloween I talked Adam into wearing his Nacho Libre mask to school. He walked all the way like this. My favorite part is that he wore that cape too. My friend Linda made it to go with a Snow White costume that she made for Evie. I guess it's a multi-purpose cape now!

On Halloween night we went to the mall for some nice warm indoor trick or treating! We dressed Evie up as a little spider monkey. I wish I had an easily accessible video to put on here of how she crawls and you'd know why she's a monkey!

Adam thought that she looked more like a dog, and my brother thought she looked more like a rat. Whatever she looked like...she was cute!! (And I'm glad I got to eat all of her candy!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Evie Update

It's been a while since I've had a post just about Evie! I can't believe how fast time goes. Here are a few pictures of here most recent activities!

Evie loves bath time! I recently bought some toys for the tub. She loves the little octopus. She puts the whole head in her mouth (which I am surprised fits). One of the tentacles often ends up up her nose...she doesn't mind!

She can almost escape the tub now that she can stand up by herself. She's reaching for my leg in this picture.

We were having rice for dinner last Sunday. Evie loved it! She couldn't get enough of that stuff.

Only problem was, it stuck to her like crazy. She looked like she was wearing fuzzy white mittens.

It kept her busy for a long time trying to eat it all off of her hands.

Now that she has discovered that she can stand up by herself, she stands up everywhere. She gets so proud of herself. She was using the refrigerator to stand up today. Everyday its something new!

I apologize for this picture...I just couldn't resist. She has had a runny nose for the last week. Her snot is so sticky! She sneezed the other day and this is what came out! It was a little deflated at this point too! Wow! all I could say. I'm just glad I got a picture before it popped!

Evie has a special love for plants. She loves to eat leaves. I had this plant on the floor, but Evie would often tear the leaves off and eat them or knock it over. I gave up and put it up higher on a little bench. It worked for a while, but now that she can pull herself up, the plant is no longer safe. She pulled it right down. I was making dinner when I heard the crash. I came around the corner to see this. Don't worry she ate some dirt before I could stop her!

I love that little sweetie! She's so fun...


Nap time should be a restful time for me too. Sometimes I try to nap, but usually I have some project that I am working on. Here are a few of my recent projects! I really like making stuff!

Chocolate Bowls!!! Who would have thought. The idea came from Bakerella. They were so fun and easy to make. You just melt chocolate and dip a balloon in it. Let it dry and viola!

I also made chocolate peanut butter pudding from scratch. It turned out pretty tasty too! What a fun dessert!

Adam and I have decided that for Family Home Evening for the next month or so we are going to visit all the new people in his ward to make sure we know who they are. You can't show up empty handed, right? I made blackberry crisp and put it in half pint jars. I think they're adorable!

I just hope they tasted good too!

My last project is these blocks. My friend April gave me some foam that she didn't want to throw away. For months I would look at that foam, but have no idea what to do with it. I finally decided to cut them into blocks. I didn't have anything for Evie to stack.

I decided to put letters on them for future use! Evie really like knocking them over!