Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Long Time Coming

This post has been a long time in coming.  Here are a few snippets of the happenings around here for the last 4 months.

The next few pictures were supposed to be at the bottom, so forgive me for them being out of order.  My sister came to visit last week and got this cute little one of Penny...who has recently started rolling over!  She is such a smiley baby.

Evie got sick on the way to the corn maze, but was a trooper.  She threw up all over her shirt and jacket.  All I had was one of Penny's onesies.  We put in on Evie and tucked it in and put her vest on over that.

Here's the whole group...minus me.  Erika and Chris got the tickets for us.  It was fun while it lasted.

Evie's new favorite thing in the whole world is ELMO!!  She loves him.  She would watch that video all day and night if I let her.  She loves to sing and dance to the theme song for Elmo's world!  (Videos are below!)

We go on a walk almost every day.  When Penny was really little I'd put her in the sling and she'd fall right asleep.  When we would get home, Evie would wear it and carry around her baby!  She's a cute little Mama!

This picture was taken just the other morning.  She is a big fan of head bands these days...at least for a few minutes and if she is the one who puts it on.

Evie is a little dare devil.  She LOVES going skateboarding with Adam!

Look at that smile!

Adam's grandma passed away this summer.  We were able to go to the funeral.  Here the girls are with their aunts, Erika and Whitney.

After the funeral everyone headed up to Placerville for a 4th of July celebration.  The fireworks were set of right across the street from the cabin.  It was really fun...and loud!

Adam and his girls on the 4th of July!  God Bless America!

Evie likes to share with Penny.  She shared her baby with her.  I love my little baby...or babies!

My parents came to visit us.  Evie sure LOVES her grandma!  She loves grandpa too.  Penny really loved my dad.  She would sit and smile and talk to him.   He helped carry her home from church for me.

Aunt Whitney got married this summer!  We went up to her wedding at Soldier Mountain.  Evie was a little flower girl.  They were adorable...and so is their dad!

Penny and the perpetual flower eye patch!

The bride and groom and their parents!  Congrats, Gabe and Whittles!

Evie has learned how to smile on demand.  This is one of the first ones!  Thats a smile...I promise.  She loves her spaghetti....somedays.

Penny graduates to the stroller!  (Look close at Evie's tan line on her feet!  We spent a lot of time outside this summer)

Erika got them these adorable sailor dresses!

Evie learned how to color on the wall...and then she learned how to clean it off!

Penny can go in the bike trailer now!  (We love her little witch pj's from Alona!)  Evie likes having her in there with her.

The fall colors are here.  Last Sunday we tried to take a few pictures in our back yard.  

She's trying to fly!

I like these people!

Penny learned to roll over.  Evie is very grumpy in this video because I am filming Penny with the iPad and Evie wanted it really bad!   The second video is Evie and Penny dancing to Elmo's World!

Evie is a scooter pro!  Evie and Penny both love love love it when Penny chases Evie!  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Party

Don't think that I'm a bad mother because I haven't posted on my kids in a while.  It's been busy around here!  I'm trying to get all of the little videos in order and then I'll do a little girl post!  In the meantime you get our Halloween Party!

Adam wanted to have a Halloween party for the kids that he teaches in primary.  I was all for it.  Any chance I get to make fun food and dress up I'll take!  I made the kids these Harry Potter wands.  We had the kids cast a spell on their drink to change it a different color with their wand.  I just put a drop or two of food coloring in the bottom of their cup and let it dry and then put ice over that.  When they cast the spell and poured the Sprite it came out different colors.  It's easy to impress kids!

Here are some of the treats.  Monster apples and cheese fingers.

We had squid eyeballs too.

Whats a party without the mummies?

These pretty little blood worms were my favorites!  They looked so real.  They are made out of jello.

Mummy chocolate for our party favors.

When the kids got here we had them paint their pumpkins.

Then it was time for the food.  Here the kids are watching me eat a worm.  They thought they were real!


Those cute little girls refused to try them!

The boys were brave.  One of them said "Those were actually pretty good, but that after taste will get you"!

Adam being gross!

I dressed up as a pirate, but ended up looking more like a gypsy with bad teeth.  Fun, none the less!

After the food we had a marshmallow gun target shooting game that they liked too.  I just forgot to take pictures of that.  I think there was a good time had by all...but especially me!  I do like a good Halloween party!