Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea with Linda

My co-worker from the preschool, Linda, invited me and the Branen's over for tea yesterday. It was so much fun. Everyone dressed up and we all ate and drank like queens!
Linda was a lovely hostess. She had the table set very proper. We had scones and fruit, chicken salad sandwiches, lemon bars, shortbread bars... and tea, of course.

Here is everyone besides me.

Linda even had croquet set up. The girls loved it!

Linda also made homemade strawberry ice cream. Delicious!

Align Center
Evie was loving rolling around on the blanket and grass. She also really liked watching Addie and Julia play.

These three are kinda like pseudo sisters!

Thanks Linda! What a great afternoon!

Yesterday Adam brought the mirror into the front room. Evie loved it! She kept scooting right up to it. It entertained her for a long time.
She loved pressing her face right up to it.

She also liked watching me in the mirror.

She's making sure she's all ready for our afternoon tea party!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the cutest baby of all? Do we really need to ask?!
**I have since washed the mirror!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our friend, Brandon, invited us to his cabin in Donnelly. We usually go at least once a summer and hadn't gone yet. We had a great time as always!

The water was so nice in the morning that we couldn't resist going out. We set Evie up in this little station and took turns going out on the paddle boards. She loved it out there.

The paddle boards were really fun. It took me a little bit to get my balance, but once you have it, they're super easy.

Easy that is, unless you're not trying to do tricks on them! We decided it would be fun to try to jump from board to board, do 360's, or battle it out. Here are some of my favorite shots!

Brandon did really well jumping from one board to the other. I love the whole sequence. Scroll down fast!

Here is Adam doing a two footed jump! I love it!

We put Evie in the life jacket and let her have her turn.

She didn't love the jacket, so we took it off and stayed in shallow water. She loved sitting on the board and playing in the water.

My little cuties!

It was a great weekend, minus the fact that I didn't win one game we played. Something weird must've been in the air!

Monday, July 25, 2011

More Projects

My sister in law gave us this rocking chair. I love it. It has been so nice with Evie. Most of the furniture in Evie's room is black, so I thought I would try my hand and painting and reupholstering the chair. I was very intimidated, but I had fun working on it. April had some leftover fabric from her couch that she gave me. Here are the before and after shots. I feel good about it!



My next project was inspired by my friend Brianne. She was wearing an adorable skirt and I asked her about it. She said that is was just a polo shirt that she converted into a skirt. I thought it was a clever idea. I searched on line and found instructions here... I went to Goodwill and found this shirt and voila...I have a new skirt. It is pretty comfy and it was remarkably easy!

Summer Fun

It's been a fun and busy summer. Adam got a summer job in Plummer working for the Coeur d'Alene tribe. He has liked it okay...minus the fact that its an hour commute both ways.

My family was able to come out in June. I liked this twin picture!

We took my family out to Robinson Park for a bbq. It is so pretty out there.

Justin Clifford, from my hometown, got called to this mission and then transfered to Moscow! It was so fun seeing him. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL and had to go home for surgery. I hope he gets to come back to Moscow!

Adam and Evie playing! I sure like those two.

My parents left, but Alona stayed. We took her out to Little Boulder Creek for some hiking.

We let Alona carry Evie to prep her for her Havasupi hike.

April, Katie, and I took our little munchkins to the aquatic center. It was my first time...and I liked it!

The Strawn's had a 4th of July BBQ. We couldn't pass it up! There was some great grillin'.

Evie and Maia playing...(i.e. Evie trying to roll over Maia)!

Evie has upgraded to the bath tub. She likes it and has only pooped in there once!

Alona stopped by again for one last visit. We sure like her!

Adam went fishing so us girls went out to lunch. Good food and good company. Evie was entertaining the other customers with her stares and talking!

She's a sweetheart. Don't worry...I sanitized the table!

The day Alona headed out we had smoothies and blueberry muffins for breakfast. Our downstairs neighbors always have the smell of blueberry muffins coming from their apartment and we were smelling it all weekend. It made me want some real bad!

We were sad to see Alona have to go, but we'll get to see her soon. This summer has gone by fast. I'm sad that it's almost over, but glad that this will be Adam's last semester!!

Evie Eating...

After we got back from Lake Powell I thought I'd start giving Evie some baby food. She loved the rice cereal, so I thought she'd love this too. Well, I was wrong...

I made the mistake of trying mixed veggies first. I've learned my lesson.

Poor thing, I kinda feel bad for her. It was pretty funny though.

She got pretty mad at me. She just started staring out the window. She refused to eat anything else for a couple of weeks.

Here is the torture...

Trying rice cereal to get the bad taste out. It didn't work.

Here we are on another occasion. She was doing much better!

She later made up for me torturing her by kicking the baby food out of my hand and getting it everywhere. It was pretty funny!

It even got all over the wall under the table. Oh the fun!

She is doing so much better eating these days. She even seems to prefer the veggies over fruits!