Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elder Bednar

Last Saturday the sister missionaries here in Moscow asked me if I could drive them to Spokane. They had a mission conference that Elder Bednar and Elder Rasband were going to be at. They said that drivers got to attend the conference as well. Who could pass that up? It was an amazing conference. It lasted for about 3 hours but it went by really fast. Elder Bednar is a fantastic teacher and I learned a lot from him. I took some pictures for the sisters and was going to get them so I would have something to post, but they already got transferred. Oh well. I thought that I would post Elder Bednar's talk on the church instead. I really liked it too! I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Alona and Julie!!!

Adam and I have been so blessed to have a lot of visitors. I hope that continues. Alona was able to come out and visit, and lucky for us, she talked Julie into coming too. It was like reliving Spring Break! We had so much fun. I will leave most of the blogging about the weekend to Alona since she took the majority of the pictures. (I stole two of hers to post...sorry). For more details and pictures of the weekend check out BUSHMANIA!

Adam and I went and picked Alona up on Thursday night. On they way home guess who got pulled over? Me. I haven't been pulled over in years. That man gave me a ticket too. I was bummed. To make things worse, we went and played frisbee golf the next day and we drove because we had to get Julie when we were done and apparently I was parked where I wasn't supposed to and I got another ticket. That is two in two days. Not my weekend. I am going to appeal the parking one because there was no sign posted from the way that we came in. Hopefully that will work. The rest of the weekend was great though!

We took the girls everywhere there is to see in Moscow (it didn't take that long. We still had lots of time for cards and Boggle). The arboretum was on the list. A couple of weeks ago the weather here turned cold... really cold. The high was in the 40's the whole weekend.

Here's those cute girls that I love!

We plum tuckered them right out! When I asked them what their favorite part of the trip was, both of them said "the giant cow". I am glad they got to see that. Don't worry, Alona got some pretty good shots. That cow really is amazing.

On Sunday we had fondue for dinner. It was delicious. We had cheese fondue and and then a broth to cook the meat and potatoes in. I need to do fondue more often.

We invited Angela over for dinner too. It was her first fondue. She also played her zither for Alona and Julie. We invited Brett and Hailey and April over as well to listen and have chocolate fondue. Good food and good show!

I couldn't get far enough away to get a good shot, but here is my cute husband cutting the bread for the cheese fondue.

We had such a fun weekend. It wore us all out. Alona and Julie flew out this morning at 6:15 which meant that we had to leave at 4:00 this morning to get them there. They made it...and I made it home safe too! Anyone else is welcome to come visit.

More Crafty Than Me

So... I have this friend, April, who happens to be my next door neighbor. She is great. Her and her husband, Matt, invited us to dinner the first Sunday we were in Moscow. I hope that I've let them know how grateful I am for that and for everything else they do for us. I have actually been meaning to do this post for a few weeks now, but I am glad that I waited. You'll see why in a minute.

Among many other things, April knits. She is amazing. She tried to teach me once, but I didn't do a very good job. She was going to knit me a pair of gloves, but the yarn I bought her didn't work for that so she made me this beanie. I LOVE IT! She made that. I still don't know how.

She said it was really easy, except the top part was a little trickier. It puts my bib to shame!

Well...Alona came to visit and she saw my hat and wanted one really bad, so we went next door and she asked April if she could make her one. We were expecting to mail it to Alona when she was done, but no, we asked her on Saturday and Alona had it in hand Sunday after church. I still don't know how!

April is making lots of hats to sell at a craft fair. She has lots of different styles that she can make. Maybe I'll learn someday!