Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Announcement

The announcements are out and only 38 days to go! Oh how the time flies.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Good Ol' Bushman Fun

Uncle Darrell (Bushman) is retiring next month and his kids decided to throw a big party/reunion for him. They rented a beach house down in Surfside (which is amazing still there and looking good after the hurricane last year). Alona and I and the Calls decided to venture down and join in the fun.

Here is Dannen & Claudia's little girl, Kyla. I think she looks just like her dad.

I love this picture! Daylen has always been so tough and macho. It is fun to see him as a dad. Valesca can melt him like butter!

It was fun to see Desiree and her husband, Kurt. Desiree and I used to be roommates in college. Oh the stories we could tell about each other.

Austin is getting so big. He informed me when we got there that me... and my sisters were his best friends!

Donovan's little guy, Bryce, is one tough kid! He's have to be having Donovan as a dad!

Scarlet and I were trying unsuccessfully (at first) to get Brady to smile for the camera. He was pretty grumpy!

He warmed up...eventually!

Now this is just precious!

Daylen was helping Dionna get all lathered up before they hit the beach. She had so much sun screen on her face that I think we were all shielded from the sun.

Connor wouldn't venture too far out into the water, but had a good time playing in the waves.

Mark and Daciana are the ones that helped organize this whole get together. They live near the Woodlands and are expecting their first baby on June 7th (the day after my wedding...if you were wondering!).

Mark didn't get too far on the boogie board, but it was entertaining none the less.

Austin...hitting the waves.

Daylen and Scarlet...I just like them!

Dionna and Shanna are definitely not camera shy...or cold water shy.

Uncle Darrell and Aunt Darla just got their mission call to Chile. I am so excited for them. They leave at the end of June. Perhaps we'll have to go visit!

The Aunts and Uncles!

Delisa stayed inside and watched all the sleeping babies. Quiet was hard to find around there with 10 kids and 15 adults, but I don't think they'd have it any other way.

A Curly Q Birthday

It was our friend, Damian's birthday a few weeks ago and we could pass up another opportunity to have a themed party! Damian is a man after my own "hair". His might even surpass mine in curliness...hence the curly q party!

Everything that we ate was curly...pretzels, cheetohs, apples, cheese, name it, we had it. We even had curly straws!

Everyone did their hair curly as well! Here is Julie sporting her curlers!

As of late, we have lost most of our guy friends. Plus the birthday boy showed up 3 hours late! Here are all the ladies modeling the curlies...

Don't ask me how I got roped into this...the one party where I don't have to do anything to fit in and I get talked into brushing my hair. It made for good laughs. Kirsten had to wear a wig to look as good as me!

Here are Julie and Mauren sporting their curls! I think they both look fantastic. I think that curls should really catch on!

Here is the man of the hour, blowing out his curly candles!

Life's a least in Kindergarten

It's that time of year again! It came so fast. We turned our classroom into a living museum (it really was more like a zoo!). The kids worked really hard and I was proud of them. Each table was assigned a habitat and then each child got to choose an animal from that habitat to study. They had to memorize three facts about their animal. We invited all of the parents to come in. The kids were frozen in their habitat and when someone would push the button on their costume that said "push", they would come alive and tell their facts. It really was adorable. Here are a few shots that I got.

Here is the Cheetah from the Savannah

The camel in the desert was worried because her ears kept falling off!

My least favorite animal...the Tarantula!

You may not recognize this beast, but he is a very happy anaconda. The tiger is ready behind him!

The gorilla was adorable. Her mom told me that she kept that costume on all night and would repeat her facts to anyone that would listen. It warmed my heart!

Here is the serval in action, reciting her facts to one of our visitors!

The arctic animals were ready and waiting!

The parrot was fantastic! I loved the real feathers!

Here is the scary black panther...

The snowy owl kept getting out of character and ending up in the rain forest.

The shark costume was well done... I just not sure how excited he was to be in it!

Here is the dolphin sharing her knowledge.

I loved the sting ray costume. It really was incredible...and it looked real. For those of you wondering, we also have a humpback whale in the ocean!

Here are the habitats that they created. I love seeing what they come up with. They studied pictures in books to find out what belongs in their habitat.
The Rain Forest

The Desert

The Savannah

The Arctic

And... The Ocean

Most of the parents took their kids home after the presentation was over. A few stayed until the end of the day. We had a few extra minutes for some close-up glamor shots!
How can you not love this face? I would take her home with me in a heartbeat!

He's trying to be cool for the camera!