Saturday, March 10, 2012

Craft Mania

I've been in a hurry to finish all of my projects before we move next week. I think I have everything finished and I'm very excited about them all!

I started knitting this Little Red Riding Hood cape for Evie for Halloween LAST year. Needless to say, she wasn't Little Red. I finally got it done and it only took 6 months. Knitting takes a long time!

She doesn't love having the hood on, but she suffered through it for a picture. I just hope it still fits her this coming Halloween.

Here is a side view!

I guilted myself into making a quilt for the new little baby. I actually love how it turned out. Thanks Mom for doing the actual quilting!

Here is the back view. We've decided on the name Penny and there is no turning back now!

One of my friends taught me how to make tutu's! I made this one for a friend, but had to have my little model show it off! I might have to make her one now!

Adam has even gotten in on the crafting scene! He took a class on tying flies and he's pretty good at it. Here a few that he tied the other day!

Now I can focus on packing and moving!