Friday, November 20, 2009


This seems like an innocent dish of cornbread, does it not? Well, it's not! This is a source of a friendly rivalry. Last night our ward had a chili cook-off. The previous night I attended a book club along with Katie (shown below with her husband, Lanny).

Katie made the comment that she was going to win first place on her cornbread at the chili cook-off. I kindly told her that she was wrong and that I had the recipe of "the award winning cornbread". She laughed at me and we continue to banter back and forth about our various corn breads. Each of us went home and told our husbands how silly the other one was! Adam of course sided with me!

We couldn't actually attend the chili cook-off because we had a meeting we had to go to, so our neighbors took our corn bread for us. Adam and I got done early so we headed over to see the outcome. Lanny ran up to us and informed us that they won by a landslide (admittedly through a lot of coercion). I was a little shocked, but we weren't there to support our bread. Here is where the story gets really funny to me... Lanny asked how we made our cornbread and then proceeded to name all of the ingredients. I was a little confused. Apparently, they have the SAME recipe. Katie came over by this time and asked where in the world we got the recipe.

I told them it was from our dear friend, Nichole, from Houston. I informed them that she used this recipe to win at all of the chili cook-off that we had. As I was telling them this, it dawned on me that Nichole is from is Lanny and Katie. I told them her name and sure enough, Katie had given the recipe to Nichole. Katie got it from a friend, who got it from a woman, who got it from another woman in Chicago on a train ride. What a small world. We had a good laugh and they were kind enough to share the spoils of their win with us.

Monday, November 16, 2009

We're not in Houston anymore, Toto!

It started snowing on Friday. This is the second time that it has snowed since I have been up here. I was talking on the phone with Hailey and I looked out the window and said, "It's snowing like crazy outside". She started laughing and assured me that it was not snowing like crazy and that I just need to wait! That scared me a little!!
When I woke up on Saturday, this is what it looked like out side of our window. I think I need to invest in snow tires!


So... I hope that Katie doesn't kill me for this, but I just had to do a post about her! She has curlier hair than me and I've been dying to straighten it. We found a time that worked and got to it!

I feel bad that I didn't get a before before picture. This is just a before picture. Her hair does NOT look like this normally. It is actually quite adorable. This is after we blow dried it.

Here is the finished product! I think it looks great. the trend goes in Moscow, she is about a week over due. I hope her baby boy comes soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chinese Food!

Our friend Angela came to church with us yesterday. We had very good meetings. After church, Angela invited us over for dinner.

We stopped by our house for a little bit before we headed to Pullman. We ate some bread to tide us over!

Here is sweet Angela posing with our picture!

Her friend Tiger came over and was the main chef. Angela says that Tiger is a better cook than her. Tiger taught himself how to cook from the internet and has just been cooking since he has been in the U.S.

Here are the two chefs posing.

The completed meal was a masterpiece. We had ribs, beef, chicken, shrimp, crab soup. Wow! I don't know the names of all the dishes. It was very authentic. Nothing like Panda Express.

Thanks Angela and Tiger. We loved it!

Super Saturday

Our ward had their Super Saturday craft day last Saturday. There were a bunch of different things that you could sign up for. The craft I did is featured below. We could etch our names into our glassware. I loved it. I did 4 pans total, but didn't think that people would really care to look at them all! Here are the ones that turned out the best. It is still a little hard to see in the picture, but you get the idea! I think I am going to do the rest of my stuff if I can!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I've always liked Halloween. Maybe it's because I love to dress up! I have LOVED being in a family ward for Halloween. The kids are so cute. We had an activity and I just couldn't help myself with all the pictures. Here is a sampling of what we got to enjoy!

Devon and Scotty the Skeleton

Adah the Princess

Aiden the Lion

Kaylee as Dorothy (I loved this costume!)

I can't remember her name...but she is an adorable duck!

Hayden as Robin Hood

I loved this cow costume...

especially from behind! Moo!

Erika and her little Charlie Brown (Ethan)

We dressed up as the characters from Scooby Doo! It was a lot of fun. I think that Brett's costume turned out the best. Our friend, Heather, had the fantastic idea of doing some real "scobby doo" action shots! Look out, Shaggy!

She would have gotten away with it if it weren't for us mangey kids!

Here are our neighbors, Matt and April. Our bishop loved Matt's costume!

Speaking of Matt and April, they had the great idea of doing a 3 apartment Halloween party since the ward party was on Thursday. We are always up for a party, so we had apts 4, 5, & 6 hoppin!

Our apartment had the wii going on. We played one game the whole night...Rayman Raving Rabid's. It is really fun!

The dance party was at Matt and April's. People loved "cuttin the rug"...especially the kiddos!

Jon and Stephanie had the food...and was it ever good! There were homemade nachos (compliments of the Langstons), caramel apples, homemade doughnuts, homemade rootbeer, and candy out the wazoo!

I really liked Katie and Tyler's costumes. They came as twins! (Katie really is due next week)

Noah was Scooby Doo! I had to get this shot because you can't see his collar very well in the pictures.

Here we are once more. We're not much for you can tell!


My ward had a Halloween party last week and Hailey and I volunteered to do a little candy table. I have a fantastic cupcake book that I look at often, but haven't actually used much. They had some adorable Halloween cupcakes so we made them. I love these creepy crawly ones. It really is amazing how happy a cupcake can make you!

I used the fondue chocolate that my cousins gave me and it was perfect. We traced the bugs with the chocolate and then added m&m's for the body parts.

Here is the finished product!!

The Centipede!

The Ticks!

The Beetles!

Here is Hailey in action making the pumkins.

I love these too. We used licorice for the stems.

Cute little pumpkin patch!

The whole shabang!