Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Penny's Blessing

I was lucky enough to have my mom here for two weeks and my sister for a week after Penny was born.  It was so nice having fun people and lots of help!

 Alona took Evie to the park one day.  She had a very colorful outfit.  

 My mom made that hat for Penny!

 My dad and brother came into town to meet little Penny and also to help bless her.  

 This is one of my very favorite pictures ever!  Here are 4 of my favorite people ever!  What great grandparents my kids have!

 Evie's tunnel was enjoyed by everyone!  Adam got stuck in there and reminded us of a caterpillar!

 My mom tried it out too!  She only got stuck when Evie tried to crawl in with her!

 Evie crawled out and waited for Grandma!

 Here is Penny's first sponge bath!  She didn't love it...

 My friend April made this adorable little mermaid tail for Penny.  I love it!  I just wish I could photograph newborns!  

 I love this little girl!

 Here is a cute shot of the whole tail!

 Adam found this little table is someones trash.  Evie loves it...and so do I!

 We decided to do a home blessing while everyone was in town.  Penny was only 10 days old and I didn't want to take her to church just yet.    We took a few family pictures before the big event.

 I sure love my little family!

 Here is the whole Bushman clan.  I am proud to say that half of my family now lives in my house!  There are 8 of us total and 4 of us are Warrs!

 Erika, Chris, and Deej at the blessing!

 The Souden's!

 Here is little Penny in her beautiful dress made by Grandma Deej (and bracelet by Alona!)

 Getting the refreshments ready!

 Evie and Uncle Adam!

 Katie and I are twinners!

 Alona made Evie a bracelet too.  She calls it a watch!

 Evie is obsessed with the iPad.  She knows how to use it really well too.

 Alona and sleepy little Penny.

 My mom and Alona got this lawn chair for Evie.  She was enjoying lounging and reading a good book!

Evie loves reading and Alona loves Evie!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sweet Penny Lee

I know that I am 2 1/2 weeks late with this, but things got really busy around here!  PENNY made it here safe and sound!

 On Monday night around midnight I started having contractions...the real deal.  I had braxton hicks for about a week.  These were painful, so I assumed that things were progressing.  I almost woke Adam up and told him to be ready, but he was in the other room (because of my snoring!), and I didn't want to go get him!    The contractions were far enough apart that I wasn't too worried.  They continued all morning on Tuesday (the 15th)...and they were starting to get bad.  Around noon we went and got our neighbor to help Adam give me a blessing and then we were off.  My mom was in town, so Evie stayed at home with her.  When we were on our way my contractions got farther apart.  They were consistently about 6-8 minutes apart.  I was annoyed!  We stopped at Sonic for some drinks in hopes of things going faster.  It didn't help.  We went to the hospital anyway.  They said that they would check things out before they admitted me.  I was already dilated to 5 centimeters.  They admitted me at 1:20 and I had an  epidural within an hour...thank heavens!  The epidural was way stronger than the one I had with Evie.  I couldn't feel a thing.  It was good and bad.  I liked being able to tell what was going on with Evie without all the pain.  Soon after the epidural they checked me again and I was at an 8.5.  They broke my water and started getting ready for the baby to come!  Once I started pushing, Penny was here in 8 minutes!  She was born at 5:21.  Things went much more smoothly this time around!

 Here is our sweet little Penny weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz!

 She is perfect!!

 I'll admit that I got a little teary holding that precious little thing.

 She looks a lot like Evie in this picture.

 Here is the proud Daddy!

Vic, Deej, and Erika got to come to the hospital.  They were our first visitors.

Adam and I stayed at the hospital that night.  At 7:45 Wednesday morning Adam's phone rang.  It was the Attorney General's office, offering Adam a job!  What a good week!  He'll always think of the baby as his lucky Penny!  He started work on the 29th and so far so good!

Evie got to meet her the next day. She didn't love the baby!  In fact, she tried to push her away when she got too close.

 Evie has been warming up to her.  She asks about the baby in the morning.  She still doesn't like it when she cries though.

Here is our first family picture of 4!

It was so nice having my mom here.  Evie sure got spoiled by Grandma!

Here are a few little videos of Penny.

Evie meeting Penny!


I haven't been the best blogger lately, but wanted to get caught up.  We had a good beginning of summer!  Here are some pictures!

 I found this little kiddie pool and got it for Evie.  It is a big hit!  She had more fun climbing in and out than she did just playing in the water!

I tell her that Evie and Daddy have to wear hats outside because they don't have enough hair.  She bought it!  She's good at keeping it on outside!

 My mom came into town for the new baby and was here when we pulled out the pool.  (These pictures are a little out of order, but I'm too lazy to fix them!)

 I've been wanting to go to the zoo since we moved down here.  We finally did it!  I was so excited to take Evie because she loves animals, but she didn't love it as much as I hoped she would.  I guess there isn't much difference between real life and tv yet!

 She did like the lions!  Evie is also very good at animal sounds.  We quiz her on them everyday!

Adam PASSED THE BAR!!!!  It was a killer waiting for the results, but the news was good and we were happy!

 We finally made it to the temple a few weeks ago.  The Boise temple is closed so we have to go to Twin Falls.  It was a beautiful temple.  I'm sad I didn't take a picture.  Shoshone Falls is really close, so we headed there after.   They were pretty impressive.

 When we got back to Boise we headed straight to the Capitol for Adam's law swearing in.  He is official!!
 Here he is getting his certificate, or whatever it is!  I'm real proud of that guy!!

 We've been loving having a yard!  We spend most weekends out there making it pretty!  I kind of enjoy mowing the lawn so Adam graciously lets me!  Plus, I was trying everything I could to make that baby come sooner!

Adam took a landscaping job while he was looking for a "real" job, and was quite impressed with his own pruning skills.  He pruned the heck out of all the plants!  Here he is trying to make room for all the branches in the trash can!