Monday, November 14, 2011

Family Pictures

I was really wanting to take some family pictures in the wheat fields again this year...but I procrastinated. Ahh...oh well! We went to the Administration building instead! I think they turned out real nice! My friend, Sarah, took these for us! Thanks Sarah!

I am so very thankful for my little family. I love them more than anything. I really couldn't be happier!

Halloween 2011

Halloween has come and gone and I'm way behind on my blogging! We had a fun Halloween. On the days leading up to Halloween we were sure to watch two of Adam's favorite Halloween movies: Monster House and Hocus Pocus!

We decided to carve some pumpkins...we were going to carve them when Evie was awake, but thought again and decided to take pictures with her and the pumpkins, put her to bed, then carve the pumpkins in peace (and safety!).

My mom got Evie this cute little shirt!

She's starting to like the camera! She usually just stares blankly at it, but we're starting to get some personality!

Ah...there's my happy girl...with all of her teeth showing!

Here are the pumpkins we carved. We went for the Pac-Man theme. Adam thought that Pac-Man needed a fang!

On Halloween I talked Adam into wearing his Nacho Libre mask to school. He walked all the way like this. My favorite part is that he wore that cape too. My friend Linda made it to go with a Snow White costume that she made for Evie. I guess it's a multi-purpose cape now!

On Halloween night we went to the mall for some nice warm indoor trick or treating! We dressed Evie up as a little spider monkey. I wish I had an easily accessible video to put on here of how she crawls and you'd know why she's a monkey!

Adam thought that she looked more like a dog, and my brother thought she looked more like a rat. Whatever she looked like...she was cute!! (And I'm glad I got to eat all of her candy!)