Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a Girl!!!

Last Monday we went to the doctor and got our 20 week ultrasound. As most of you know... we're having a GIRL!! I'm getting excited. I think she's cute already!!

A visit from Mom and Dad

My parents came to visit us a couple of weeks ago. It was fun having them here and it was the first time that they've been able to come out. We took them to all our favorite Moscow places. The first stop was the bears (which I neglected to get a picture of). It was the best trip to the bears though. They gave them a cowhide to fight over. It was a little scary, but very entertaining!

The next stop was the giant cows. We were lucky enough to get to go right up to them this time. Can you see how big the one my dad is petting to the one next to him? HUGE!

I was trying to get a good comparison on the sizes of our heads!

We did a lot of Excite Truck Racing on the Wii and then.... Blackberries! I don't remember what was so funny here, but I like this picture. They are cleaning their hands off from all the blackberry juice.

Getting ready for the picture...

No... my dad is not Hitler, those are blackberries!

I love you, Mom & Dad! Thanks for coming!

Camping with the Fa'anunu's

Adam and I wanted to go check out Coeur D'Alene the other day and we happened to run into Heather at the grocery store. We asked if her and Ben wanted to come and then all of the sudden we were going camping! I love it!

We found a great spot on the North Fork of the St. Joe river...right up by the Hiawatha trail. It was beautiful. We didn't want to buy any firewood so Adam went to our dumpster and found an old desk that someone was throwing away. He took it apart and brought it to burn. I love his face in this picture...trying to break the wood apart.

Here are the cute Fa'anunu's!

Ben found a great spot for their little girl while we were getting ready for our hike!

The hike was really pretty. It followed a creek the whole way.

The sissy boys had to keep stopping to rest!

We saw a giant snake in the river...okay, it wasn't a snake, but I sure thought it was when I first saw it! Scared me to death...

If you look close you can see Adam sitting down in the ICY cold river. I tried stick my feet in, but I could only keep them in for a few seconds because it hurt so bad.

Lunch after the hike

We decided to go swimming in the river after lunch. It was cold, but not nearly so bad as the other spot.

It took Heather and I a while to get in, but we finally did, and boy was it refreshing!

Cake Pops

I was perusing my friend's blog and saw that she had a link to website called "Bakerella". I found a recipe for cake pops and thought I'd try them.

They turned out pretty well!

Here is Adam trying one out! He ate quite a few!

This is what the inside looks like! Try 'em out...they're pretty good. And while you're on the website, try the recipe for cornmeal blueberry pancakes. They are delicious!

I made the cake pops for a little going away party for the Boizelle's. I also made Navajo Taco's for dinner. We got new carpet a month or so ago, so I told people that if they spilled their food, they'd have to lick it up. To my surprise we had at least 3 people lick their spilled food off the carpet! I love these guys!