Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend!

We had a great Easter weekend. We packed in as much as we could and we loved every minute! We headed over to Pocatello on Thursday to visit Adam's sister, Whitney and our long lost buddies, The Cahoon's! We hadn't seen the Cahoon's since Brett graduated from law school two Decembers ago.

On Friday we woke up super early and drove down to SLC for a wedding. Our good friend, Brandon was getting married. Whitney came with us and watched Little Evie for us. What a blessing Whitney was for me!

Evie loved climbing all of stairs and playing around. We couldn't get her out of this little cubby!

My sweeties!

This is Brandon and his lovely wife, Michelle. We're so excited for them! Yes...that is snow in the background. It snowed the whole time we were there.

Brandon and his two buddies, Shawn & Adam. It turns out that they all matched...and not even on purpose!

After the wedding we headed over to the new City Center Mall across from the temple. It was a pretty amazing place. They had tons of fountains. We couldn't keep Evie away...even though it was freezing cold and snowing! How can you resist a face like that?!

Loving the water!

I love this kid!

We went to the luncheon next and then headed back to Pocatello that afternoon.

On Saturday the law firm where Brett works was hosting an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. We went and were surprised by how much Evie liked finding the eggs.

She got quite a few...and then she found the rocks and they trumped the eggs!

Here is Noah, Finn, and Evie checking out their loot!

I was also surprised by how much Evie liked the Easter Bunny. She kept petting his face!

The Cute Cahoon Family!

We went and played a few rounds of rook that afternoon and then headed back home. Thanks Cahoon's for the fun weekend! We sure miss you guys!

We went to church with Adam's family on Easter because Adam's dad was speaking. He did a great job. We headed home after church and had a delicious lunch and then let Evie do some more egg hunting.

Her cousin Madeline did a great job of hiding them and then helping Evie out!

Some good ole Daddy play time!

Her dress was a nice sun shade!

Here are the cute little cousins.

What a great Easter. I'm grateful for the resurrection of our Savior!

The Bar and Saying Goodbye

This post is late in coming, but better late than never I suppose! We headed down to Boise at the end of February for Adam to take the Bar Exam. What a beast of a test.

We have a little tradition of stopping in Riggins for Evie to run around and play. She loves it, especially when Adam chases her!

This is the "I'm ready for you to get me, Daddy" look!

This lovely shot is of Adam after finishing the grueling exam. His hair was sticking straight up in the front. Thank goodness he's done with that. We get the results back in a week and half. Here's to hoping!!

We went and visited my parents right after the exam and then headed home. We had a week to get packed up and moved out. This was our last Sunday in Moscow. These girls are some of Evie's biggest fans. I miss having them in RS to help me wrangle Evie!

Here is the Bishopric. I sure like all of these people. The Johnson's became really good friends of ours and we we're sad to say goodbye to them. They became our Saturday Night Card buddies! Bishop and Sister Kellogg we're great to work with too!

Bishop Kellogg certainly gets bonus points for putting up with these two!

It was fun having friends that I really connect with! I will miss Moscow for that reason. I made a lot of really good friends.

I can't believe we are gone and it's been about a month. Time goes pretty fast. I feel bad that I didn't get to say goodbye to lots of people. We left a day sooner that we were expecting, but hopefully you'll all come visit us in Boise!