Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We had a week of celebrating!! My dad's birthday is on December 21st, Adam's is on the 28th, and Evie's is on the 29th...not to mention Christmas and New Year's! It's always a fun time.

Here is my handsome hubby and me on his birthday. It wouldn't be Adam without a funny face.

I made him a fly fisherman cake. I was going to try to have the fisherman standing in the cake, but the pole was too skinny and kept breaking. Laying down worked just fine! My mom made the frosting. I really like how it turned out!

A pose of the blowing of the candles.

Here is the actual blowing out of the candles! Happy Birthday, Old Man!

Alona got him this tips and tricks book for his iPad. He like it lots!

The next day we got to celebrate Evie's first birthday. It was a fun day. I got her a little ballerina outfit. She was so cute in it!

I made her this little crown too. I think this first birthday was all for me!

We opened presents that morning. She hasn't quite got the hang of it!

Here she is in action!

Grandma & Grandpa Warr were skyping with us. I'm glad that they could be part of Evie's special day.

Playing with toys and eating treats!

Mom and Dad had to help get the presents out.

That evening we had cake for Evie. We tried to get a picture of Evie with her cake before the festivities!

The proud mama!

She was really unsure about the whole thing. It wasn't the most exciting cake eating that I've ever seen, but fun non the less!

Here is a video of the cake eating. It is kinda long, so watch if you want. I think its adorable, but I'm a little biased!

I did most of the damage to the cake trying to lure her in!

It was a really fun day...until that night. We put Evie to bed and I went in to check on her a while later and she had thrown-up in bed. (It wasn't from the cake...she only had one lick of frosting!) We got her all cleaned up, and she puked on me...and then spent the rest of the night throwing up. Poor little thing. She was sick for the next few days. We decided to come home on Sunday so we could get her to the doctor on Monday, but she was all better by then...thank goodness. So sad that she got really sick for the first time on her first birthday.

I had to add this picture because it was one of Dad's birthday presents from Alona and I didn't get any pictures of his actual birthday. It was BYU cougar pasta salad. We ate it the day BYU played their bowl game. I'm sure glad they won for my Dad's sake!

This wasn't anyone birthday, but I just like my sister and I didn't really have any pictures of her in this post. My brother gave her that hat for Christmas!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Evie's First Christmas

We went to my parents house near Seattle for Christmas this year. We've been in a different state for every Christmas since we've been married!

We got there in time for my Dad's birthday on the 21st. We also took a day and went down to the Sound. We went to Redondo Beach and some little park that I don't remember the name of. Evie loved all the birds!

On Christmas Eve we opened an envelope revealing the gender of our new little arrival!! I had the ultrasound on the 16th, but we decided to keep it a surprise until Christmas Eve. I couldn't wait any longer than that! The results... A GIRL!! Little Sister Warr will get here the middle of May!

Christmas morning came and Evie was up bright and early!

Here is Evie opening some presents from Grandma & Grandpa Warr.

My parents got this little car at a yard sale and Evie loved it! She would have been happy for hours having someone push her around in it. She also loved crawling in and out of it.

She was enjoying eating all of the paper and gifts. (Thanks for the jewelry, Andrea!!)

And of course....playing in the boxes!

After the presents were open, we got ready for church. We were trying to get Evie to leave her headband on, my Dad found that this worked the best!

My little Sweetie on Christmas!

This is how she felt about all the pictures I was trying to take of her!

The next day we went to do a little shopping. The mall had a Merry-Go-Round, so Auntie Alone took her for a spin!

Here she is in action. Alona said that she was making noises the whole time. I guess she liked it despite her facial expressions!
We also had a Costco visit in the rain!

My dad got an airplane for Christmas. Him and Adam had fun with it until Adam crashed it into the back of the car. So long little plane!

Evie really likes the computer. She liked watching Adam play his games and liked it even more when she got to push the keys and make the characters move.

Evie loved looking at pictures of herself (I guess she always has). She would beg and beg for someone to hold her while they watched a slideshow of Evie! She loved dancing to the music too.

What a great Christmas! I'm already looking forward to next year!