Thursday, December 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a great Halloween this year.  It was so fun watching how excited Evie was for it.

We carved pumpkins for FHE the week before Halloween.  Evie was a great helper.

Here is the finished product!

We told Evie to make a scared face since the jack-o-lantern was eating her...but she was too excited to be scared!

On Halloween day we painted faces on them.

Evie and I went on a little Mommy/Daughter date to the discovery center.  She loves that place!

Forecasting the weather...

I had made a "Little Red Riding Hood" cape a couple of years ago and have been determined to have all the girls wear it for Halloween because it took me so long to make it.  I told Adam that Penny was going to be little Red and that he should be the big bad wolf.  Evie immediately said "I want to be the big bad wolf" and she never changed her mind.  She was so excited about her costume.  She is the wolf dressed in grandma's clothes!

So you can see the tail!

Red wanted to try the wig on too!

Here are my little cuties!!  I can't believe how big they are getting.

Penny was excited to be standing up on her own!

Out trick or treating!  The wig only lasted for one or two houses.

Enjoying the spoils of the day!  Can't wait for next year!


Alona said...

What? Two blog posts! You're on a roll! What little cuties you have! I loved their costumes!

Susannah said...

I know....I don't know what's gotten into me. I guess I just got sick of watching Peter Pan for the 100th time! Plus, Adam requested that I start it up again. I've had a guilty conscience about it anyway!