Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update...kind of

A YEAR?!  I can't believe it has been almost a year since I've posted.  I've been busy and lazy and busy!  Here is a really quick update on some really important events since January!

Adam's sister, Whitney, had a baby named Ruby in February.  Evie has recently deemed her "my favorite kind of cousin"!  We love Baby Wooby!

We sold our hot tub.  It just cost too much to heat for us cheap skates!

 Good news was that we got enough money for it to build in the rest of the deck.  Who knew I married such a handy man?!

We bought a minivan and sold my beloved honda.   I still miss it terribly, but don't regret the decision one bit to sell it and get the van.   It is a red Toyota Sienna.  I don't have any pictures of it.  It is usually really dirty from trips to the Placervilla!

ALONA GOT MARRIED!!!  Hooray!  What a fun trip to Houston for the wedding!  Welcome to the family Robert & Matt!

We got family pictures taken while in Houston from my good friend Kristal from Jo City who was in town for the wedding.

Penny turned 1 in May!  How time flies!

She started crawling two weeks after her birthday.  She is normally happier about crawling!

We found out we're having another baby!!  It's another girl!  More pink to come!

Evie graduated to a big girl bed this summer.  She loves it!

Evie also started wearing big girl undies!!  Not quite like this, but this is a little more appropriate for public viewing!  She is proud of herself and hasn't had more than one or two accidents since May.  Way to go Evie!!

Adam's other sister, Erika, had a baby in August.  We all love little Leo.  He's the first and only boy cousin on the Warr side. 

 We raked up a lot of leaves this fall!  It was lots of fun for the girls.

Alona came out for a little visit this October.  We always love when Aunt Alona comes.  We visited the corn maze...and with no vomiting this year.

 Jumping is the FAVORITE pass-time in this house.  These girls could jump all day if we let them!

Lot's more has happened this year, but these are some of the biggies.  Hopefully I can do better at keeping on top of things.  


etreiersen said...

I would say you have been busy,busier, and busiest. I don't think the word LAZY fits in there at all.

We had so much fun visiting you guys this summer. Thanks for letting us stay with you.

Your girls are so pretty, I can;t wait to see what the 3rd girl looks like. Hope you are feeling well!!!

etreiersen said...
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Alona said...

Yay for blog posts! It's definitely been an eventful year! I sure love you guys!

Susannah said...

Thanks, Trisha!! We loved having you guys stay with us. I think you should do it again!