Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving was great this year.  Since my parents moved to Boise we weren't sure how the whole holiday thing would work, but Erika (Adam's sister) was tired of doing the "Thanksgiving Shuffle" every year so her and Chris invited over all of the Warr's and anyone's "other side" of the family that lives in town.  It was a big crowd, but a fun one!

I had to post this one of sweet little Evie.  She was posing for me while I fixed some settings on my camera.

Penny and my Dad filling up on appetizers before the big dinner.  Penny loved the olives on her "thumbs"...she thinks all of her fingers are called thumbs.

Penny and Ruby....and Ruby's tongue!

Here are all of the cousins on the Warr a couple of extra's.  The two who aren't our cousins are Erika's nieces from the Griffin side.

Silly faces!

Our across the street neighbors have a little Christmas Tree Farm and they invited us over to cut one down.  Here is the one we chose.

Evie wanted to try her hand at the saw.

It was a family effort carrying the tree home.  Evie loves the lights on the tree now and wants them on all day long.  She also rearranges the ornaments often.

We made gingerbread houses for FHE this week.  The girls are really proud of themselves...and so is Adam!

Penny didn't help so much as she ate candy.

Evie was very particular and careful in her placement of the candy.

Evie had to do a little sampling herself.

Adam and Penny's finished product.

Mine and Evie's house.

My parents invited the girls over to make gingerbread men.  Penny thought the flour on the table was for the eating.  She quickly learned otherwise.

Here they are in action.

Once again, eating more than helping!

Funny little girls!

Evie did really well cutting stuff out.

Decorating and eating!  Thanks for the fun afternoon Grandma!

Halloween 2013

We had a great Halloween this year.  It was so fun watching how excited Evie was for it.

We carved pumpkins for FHE the week before Halloween.  Evie was a great helper.

Here is the finished product!

We told Evie to make a scared face since the jack-o-lantern was eating her...but she was too excited to be scared!

On Halloween day we painted faces on them.

Evie and I went on a little Mommy/Daughter date to the discovery center.  She loves that place!

Forecasting the weather...

I had made a "Little Red Riding Hood" cape a couple of years ago and have been determined to have all the girls wear it for Halloween because it took me so long to make it.  I told Adam that Penny was going to be little Red and that he should be the big bad wolf.  Evie immediately said "I want to be the big bad wolf" and she never changed her mind.  She was so excited about her costume.  She is the wolf dressed in grandma's clothes!

So you can see the tail!

Red wanted to try the wig on too!

Here are my little cuties!!  I can't believe how big they are getting.

Penny was excited to be standing up on her own!

Out trick or treating!  The wig only lasted for one or two houses.

Enjoying the spoils of the day!  Can't wait for next year!

Update...kind of

A YEAR?!  I can't believe it has been almost a year since I've posted.  I've been busy and lazy and busy!  Here is a really quick update on some really important events since January!

Adam's sister, Whitney, had a baby named Ruby in February.  Evie has recently deemed her "my favorite kind of cousin"!  We love Baby Wooby!

We sold our hot tub.  It just cost too much to heat for us cheap skates!

 Good news was that we got enough money for it to build in the rest of the deck.  Who knew I married such a handy man?!

We bought a minivan and sold my beloved honda.   I still miss it terribly, but don't regret the decision one bit to sell it and get the van.   It is a red Toyota Sienna.  I don't have any pictures of it.  It is usually really dirty from trips to the Placervilla!

ALONA GOT MARRIED!!!  Hooray!  What a fun trip to Houston for the wedding!  Welcome to the family Robert & Matt!

We got family pictures taken while in Houston from my good friend Kristal from Jo City who was in town for the wedding.

Penny turned 1 in May!  How time flies!

She started crawling two weeks after her birthday.  She is normally happier about crawling!

We found out we're having another baby!!  It's another girl!  More pink to come!

Evie graduated to a big girl bed this summer.  She loves it!

Evie also started wearing big girl undies!!  Not quite like this, but this is a little more appropriate for public viewing!  She is proud of herself and hasn't had more than one or two accidents since May.  Way to go Evie!!

Adam's other sister, Erika, had a baby in August.  We all love little Leo.  He's the first and only boy cousin on the Warr side. 

 We raked up a lot of leaves this fall!  It was lots of fun for the girls.

Alona came out for a little visit this October.  We always love when Aunt Alona comes.  We visited the corn maze...and with no vomiting this year.

 Jumping is the FAVORITE pass-time in this house.  These girls could jump all day if we let them!

Lot's more has happened this year, but these are some of the biggies.  Hopefully I can do better at keeping on top of things.