Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas and Birthdays of 2012

We got to celebrate Christmas at our new house this year.  It was a good time.

My mother-in-law got the girls new Christmas dresses.  We tried to do a little photo shoot on the Sunday before Christmas.  It wasn't the best shoot.  Both girls were pretty grumpy...

We had to bribe Evie to "smile" in this one.

Dad can make her smile!

Here's the whole family.

Penny's turn...not amused.

A little smile between tears.

Deej also found this little coat and hat.  I love this little Russian baby.

Christmas morning!  

Penny's first ever Christmas present!

Evie was a good present passer-outer!

Adam came home from work one day saying that he thought of the best present for my dad and brother.  That's right...a grill!  It was a big hit!

Adam got vampire teeth.

Christmas morning shenanigans.

On the 27th both families headed to "Winter Lights Aglow".  It was very fun...and very cold.

The Bushman crew.

Walkin around

Adam forgot his gloves so I gave him one of mine while he was carrying Penny.  Apparently not all of his fingers made it in!

The next day was Adam's birthday.  We had his favorite Fred Meyer cake.  We also ate dinner at the Boise Fry Company.  It was pretty tasty.

The next morning was Evie's 2nd birthday.  She was so excited for this day to finally come.  
(Evie loves pancakes so we made some for her birthday breakfast.  My mom made one in the shape of the number 2.  Alona's boyfriend, Robert, saw that Evie hadn't eaten all of her pancakes and said something along the lines of "Evie don't forget to eat your number 2".  My mom about died laughing!  It was the favorite quote of the week)

She still loves Elmo.  She got lots of Elmo stuff and she was in heaven.


We headed back up to the cabin to celebrate.  Evie and Mad on the sled.

My mom and I thought we'd give it a whirl too!

Adam and I rode it back.

A nice relaxing walk.

She loves eating the snow.

We came back in and got warmed up and then had cupcakes.

I sure do love that little girl.  It has been a very fun two years.  Some of Evie's favorite things right now:
*Her sister, Penny
*Playing "get you, get you"
*Scooting on her scooter

Hanging out with Uncle Chris.

For Christmas two years ago Alona got us all Maui Pine shirts.  She got one for Robert and Penny this year.  We decided to do a little photo shoot.  I know that it isn't the best lighting, but we didn't want to go outside and we wanted a pretty background!  (Pay attention to my Dad's grill!)

Alona and Robert!  We sure like Robert and hope that he sticks around for a while...a long while!

My favorites...

The whole shebang.

What's a picture without wax lips?

I like these folks!

I forgot to put this in the right order.... we went over to Adam's parents house for Christmas dinner and presents on Christmas afternoon.  We sure were spoiled and we sure love them a lot!


Katie R said...

How do you have a 2 year old?!

Alona said...

Thanks for posting! That was great fun! I can't believe Dad wore his grill in the family pictures! :)

adam warr said...

I know, Katie!!! Where does the time go. You have a 3 year old!

Alona...I did two other posts. The Christmas one just kicked them off!


Wendy Sue said...

It's fun to see the pictures, it's crazy that Christmas was here and gone so fast!

Strawn Fairy Tales said...

You and your family are the CUTEST!