Monday, September 28, 2009

Vic & Deej

Adam's parents decided to come and visit us for the weekend. We only had to do a little begging! We loved having them here. They flew in (in Vic's plane) on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon.

When they got here we took them to play frisbee golf and then they took us out to dinner. We tried to go to the arboretum after dinner, but it was too dark. When we got home Adam needed some knots rubbed out of his shoulders. I have been informed that I have "weak hands".

Maybe he won't complain about my weak hands after the treatment Vic gave him!

The next morning we got up and went the arboretum. It is still pretty! After the arboretum, we went to the farmer's market. We have a weekly tradition now of buying a dozen mini doughnuts while we're there! There was a guy named Carter Freeman that was playing some music there. He was really good.

We, of course, had to take them to see the grizzly bears. They weren't super active this time. Although a few of the bears kept trying to climb up their cages. You can't see it very well, but this guy is a few steps up. Then went to the WSU apple orchard and bought some fresh apples. Deidre and I went to the RS Broadcast after that. It was really good as well.

It was Hailey's birthday on Saturday so we went over to their house to celebrate. I made here this cake. I was super excited about it. I even make the chocolate leaves.

No, they are not chocolate covered leaves...just plain chocolate. I used real leaves as a mold.

I think she liked it...

We were going to take Brett and Hailey flying on her birthday, but it was too windy, so everyone got up early Sunday morning and headed to the airport. I couldn't go because I had to be at the church early. Adam did a very good job of catching all the action on camera though. The gates were locked, so Deej had to brake in!

Brett was a little nervous about the flight, but everything went fine!

Here are some aerial shots of the Moscow/Pullman area. This one is the golf course.

This is a shot of the wheat fields on the Palouse. They all made it back just in time for church to start. We came home after church and ate some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and then the Warr's headed back home.

It was a great weekend. We're looking forward to Alona and Julie visiting us in a few weeks!

Spring Valley Reservoir

Last week Adam and Brett planned a little outing to Spring Valley Reservoir. It is near Troy.

We got there just as the sun was setting. The boys couldn't pass up the opportunity to go for a little swim.

I love this picture of Adam diving into the lake. His reflection looks so cool.

Brett was next to take the plunge. I'm glad I didn't go because the both were cold once they got out and Brett caught a little cold.

While the boys were swimming I made the fire. I was quite proud of it!

Here is cute little Noah. I like that kid!

Hailey is nice enough to let me hold him!

Brett was really proud of this gangsta pose!

Hailey always teases Brett about his picture taking skills. Her head is usually cut off. This one isn't bad! Although it does look like she is sitting on an invisible chair!

We had turkey dogs, chips, and shared a twix. It was a great meal. I wish I would have taken a picture of the sky. There were no clouds and millions of stars out. It was beautiful. The Milky Way was so bright as well. I love nights like that!

Dave Matthews Band's been a few weeks, but it's worth posting about. On September 5th a few of us went to George, Washington and watched a Dave Matthews concert. It was at an amphitheater called "The Gorge". It was awesome.

Our neighbors, Matt & April, as well as our friend, Jodi, came with us.

Right as we got into town it started to rain. It was an outdoor concert, so we were a little leery. We stayed in the car for almost an hour waiting for the rain. We just missed part of the first opening act. (It was Yonder Mountain String Band). We got there to see the end of them and then all of G. Love and Special Sauce.

Whitney (Adam's sister) met us there. She came up for the whole weekend. Dave Matthews does a three day concert here.

Here is a cute little picture of our group.

One more with Whitney!
The amphitheater sits on the hillside over looking the Columbia River. It was incredible. Dave started playing as the sun was setting. It was the perfect backdrop.

Here is another picture of the river. People just sat on blankets and enjoyed the show.

...As demonstrated in this picture.

The good thing about the rain was that there was a beautiful rainbow afterwards. It was so bright. A little while later another rainbow showed up. I don't have a picture of the double rainbow. Both rainbows were the full half circle.

April got some good shots of the sky.

Here is Dave Matthews actually playing. We were kinda far back. He puts on a great show though. He is an amazing musician. I'm glad we went!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Adam has been Mr. Friendly at business school. It has been really fun. He invites some of his cohorts over for dinner and FHE. We've had a good time and met some great people.

On Monday he invited Angela over. She has been over once before so we're old friends! Angela is from a small town in China of 3 million people. She wanted to bring her guzheng (the chinese zither) for us to play.

Here she is setting up the guzheng. It is really beautiful.

She wears these picks on her fingers so they don't blister.

I believe she is thinking of the English translation of one of the songs she was about to play for us. I really like this picture!

Here Angela is playing a song for a dance. This was my favorite that she played. She really is amazing. She played five or six songs for us. I felt so special that we got our own private concert.

Her hands were so pretty and graceful as she played. She is so sweet too. She told us that it was her pleasure to play for us lovebirds!

After a few songs she had to tune the zither. Here is what it looked like inside. It seems like a really difficult instrument to play...and she's only been playing for four years!

This song is Angela's favorite. It is about a Spring River. I am so glad that people share their talents!

We're excited to have her over again. She has even told us that she will babysit for free when we have kids! Thanks, Angela!


Since my job this year is not quite as rigorous as last year (thank goodness!) I have been trying to do projects to keep me busy and practice some much needed skills.

My first project was this bib. I made one for Hailey and one for Kristal.

I can't take credit for the idea though! Hailey gave me website where there are patterns for lots of cute things to make. I am going to have to try out a few more. The website is

I also saw the idea for quilting cards. I loved it! I just used the same material as the bibs and stuck it right under the sewing machine

And lastly...something a little more manly! Adam and I have been trying to find a case for his fly fishing rod. They are really expensive. Adam had the grand idea of just using pvc pipe. Brilliant! I asked it I could make it "cute" and he agreed! I painted it green and wrote on it and then painted the lid silver so we would know which end comes off! I like it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Noah

Noah Raymond Cahoon was finally born on September 8th...11 days after his due date!

Here is the precious little guy! He is so cute...and little, weighing in at 7 lbs 7 oz.

Hailey is super woman and had an all natural birth. Maybe I'll be as tough as her (and Kristal...and any other woman who has given birth naturally) someday!

Here is the happy dad, Brett. I think that Noah kinda looks like him. We'll see if that is still the case in a couple of weeks.

Hailey's mom, Becky, came to help out. Adam and I LOVE Becky! We are sad that she had to go home today. We had to stop inviting her over to play games because she kept beating us!

I got a turn holding Noah...unfortunately he didn't like me very much. I blame it on the fact that he was hungry and two days old!

Congratulations Cahoons! We are so excited that Noah is finally here!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Blackberries

I guess I can't blame Adam for being addicted to fishing... I have developed a slight addiction to berries! We went and picked blackberries again. We got a ton more.

Hailey is modeling the proper technique of berry handling. We've found that belting milk jugs to your hips does the trick. Hailey was sporting two jugs...the rest of us just had one!

We had this nice picture all planned out with the trees and blackberries in the background. I set the timer and ran...just as this truck passed us. Oh well...we like the picture anyway!

I came home and promptly made blackberry jam and froze the rest. Hailey made some blackberry sorbet that she shared with us. I love berries!

More Fishing!

Guess what we did a couple of weekends ago?... That's right, we went fishing again! I really do like fishing...but I'm still learning to like it as much as Adam. This time we invited the Cahoon's to go with us. They are hard core anglers!

We went back to the St. Maries River where we were the week before to see if we had any more luck.

The river winds through a huge plot of land where there are a lot of cattle just roaming around. I caught this one as it crossed the river. Fortunately, they were quite frightened of us.

I have to take at least one "creative" shot each trip! Here it is!

Brett caught the biggest fish this time. He didn't keep it though.

I had to take this picture of Hailey. She was so cute out there!

Here I am trying to catch a cursed little fish. He was hiding under that log and I could see him. He bit at my fly only a couple of times. I am not quite to expert fishing levels and he got away. I tried hard!!

Here Adam is being an extreme gentleman and teaching me better ways of casting my fly...can't say I minded it!

He caught this little guy, along with three or four others. We didn't keep any of them either...thank goodness!

Here we are stopping for lunch. PB&J's...delicious.

Brett actually caught this fish too, but he likes to have Hailey get them off the line for him, so she claimed this one!

Hailey snagged this shot of us as we were walking back to the car. It was a good trip, and I'm sure there will be many more to follow.

(On a side note, Hailey finally scheduled an appointment at the hospital to be induced today. She is 11 days over due. Hopefully it went well. I haven't heard anything yet!)